Social Responsibility

If we design a far superior social management system, we will render the present system OBSOLETE.

Good day to the KPZ family and supporters. The soup kitchen that we’ve run once
every fortnight has been doing well. We thank you for your donations and continued support. We need creative ways to raise funds so if you have any ideas, please do let us know. You can contact me via email THANK YOU

We recently registered an NPO called Ephemera
Ephemera comes from a word ephemeralisation, coined by Buckminster Fuller who stated that when we truly economise, we will do more with less unlike our present system that is built on over consumption with a disregard to planet and its inhabitants.

Our next soup kitchen will be on Sunday 21 February 2016 from 11am Send Mail for more info

We started with soup kitchen again for 2016 and it has gone well so far. We still need your support and donations.

Soup ingredients list for 70L pot
1: split peas 2kg
2: soup mix 4kg or lentils 4kg
3: carrots 5kg
4: large clove of garlic
5: onions 7kg
6: leeks bunch x3
7: turnips bunch x3
8: salt
9: pepper
10: bread x10 loaves……you can either donate bread or purchase bread from us and the difference will be used to purchase ingredients for the pot
11: gas approxiamately R50 per session
Total cost is about R350 (labour is volunteered) potentially feeds 120 people (500g portions)with 2 slices of bread. cost per meal = R3 per meal

KayPeeZee daycare and party venue has chosen to help and support the community of Phumlani on the Cape Flats in Cape Town. We make food and and distribute it to the needy in the area. We also hand out clothes and toys when we get them as donations. Everybody can help in anyway that they can either by helping to prep, cook or hand out the food. You could donate ingredients, bread, clothes or toys. You can also help with getting donations from your network of family and friends. Thank you to all the parents that donated ingredients, bread and toys as well as those who supported our kareoke fund raising event in 2014.

Penny singing for change

Penny singing for change

With the money we raised, we purchased a 70L pot which can feed about 250 people.

Table n Pot

Ephemera Facebook page
Your support is greatly appreaciated.
Thank you